The great Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe explains “a story does many things. It entertains, it informs, it instructs”.

We in the diaspora can indeed learn a lot about each other from our stories. This week we chat with Hope Hajir, a Kenyan/Sudanese content creator, rising star, host of The Afroverse Podcast and a scholar educated in Kenya, South Africa and now studying in Indiana. Next, taking over the world as Kenyan president? #HopeHajir2027

We swapped stories and like all stories between us, it was a communal participatory experience. We were trying to understand our different experiences and bonded over our shared experiences. She tells us about how she began doing comedy as a way to explore feeling othered and how in doing so, she has centred many of us. As we chat we’ll find our ways through pleasure activism, African love languages, soul wins, bonding with other intellectual prostitutes, the pursuit of genius-level talent and in praise of detaching oneself from the impact of their work! We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did!

Hope Hajir's Playlist

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