On the show today is Greg Kennedy, LA-based American Actor, Writer Cinephile, and Black History Month babe. Join us as we discuss the relationship that exists between the Black Diaspora and the Black American community.

We discuss what it means for Black Americans to connect with the continent? What are Safe Havens for Black Americans in Africa about? What do we both think Africans need to do to make that connection true, honest, and fruitful? What do we feel understanding and relationship building between the Black Diaspora and Black Americans is and what it can look like? What about land/reparations/helping each other out? How do we get to know each other better as Black people? What are the positives and negatives of the Year of the Return? What steps can be taken towards truth and reconciliation between Africans, and Black Americans?

Disclaimer: Both of us are not experts on this topic but we intended to have a full and open conversation about how this topic makes US feel and what WE can reimagine as the right way to go about knowing each other better as Black people.

With Love two Black People Figuring it out.



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