In today's episode, we are joining by Latoya Thomas, a licensed mental health counsellor who is dedicated to supporting the mental wellness of Black women and girls. Join us as we reminisce about prom, talk rest rituals, healthy guilt, value-setting for 2021, the impact of internalized anti-Blackness on our mental health, and soca music as therapy.

Cousins, this is an episode where we discuss mental health, so a trigger warning for brief mentions of trauma, suicidal ideation and eating disorders.

Some online mental health resources recommended by Latoya:

Therapy for Black Girls

Inclusive Therapists

Thrive with Meg

Melanated Social Workers 

On the final 2020 episode of the Young East African Girl Podcast, we say goodbye to 2020 and look ahead to the new year. We discuss New Year's traditions, New Year's resolutions and what we're looking forward to in 2021! 

Thank you to all the cousins:

Lina Mohammed 


Muna Youssouf

Rasheed Sulaman


Today on A Black Moderately Muslim Special our podcast becomes a winter wonderland! We’ll hear from some of our friends and experience a Black Muslim Christmas story like many others. Join us as we get nostalgic for Dr. Jay's Iconic Soca Fete on Ice, sing Silent Night along with the talented musician Reuben and learn about how Kwanzaa celebrations link the Black Diaspora.

In the Canadian tradition of the late great Rita MacNeil, we're excited to share the spirit of the season as a number of Christmas lovers and friends recall their memories and create new traditions with us while we are (hopefully) quarantining at home. 

Thank you to all the cousins:

Ahmad Taylor 

Guled Abdi

Hoodo Hersi

Kavita Maharaj

Lina Mohammed 


Muna Youssouf

Rasheed Sulaman


Saharla Abdulkarim


Songs in this episode: 

Aamir Malik- A Muslim Christmas 

Alex Boye-Little Drummer Boy ft Genesis Choir

Dr. Jay's Iconic Soca Fete on Ice

In this week’s episode of the Young East African Girl podcast, we are joined by May as we give our lukewarm take on all the hot celebrity topics that have kept our attention all year long. We'll discuss the most controversial song of the year, dive into the Wendy and Dionne feud, Celine Dion's Jamaican roots, and reveal our take on Love is Blind, plus much, much, more! 

Don’t forget to tune in next week for a very special moderately Muslim Christmas podcast with special guests that will go live on Christmas morning. Please make sure you comment, rate, and subscribe. Send us your feedback at contact@youngeastafricangirl.com




In this week’s episode of Young East African Girl, we are joined by Araya Mengesha the multitalented actor of the upcoming Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things, Anne with an E, and the upcoming film Nobody (2021). We breakdown our Earls and Countesses of Black Muskoka, unpack the anti-vax convo and leave it up at the cottage along with Drake’s immaculate but sold-out candle line (Drake hey boo send us some candles). We also celebrate the launch of the Black Academy and sing through Mariah Carey’s angelic reading list. 

In this week's episode, we talk about food banks, Kevin Hart, The Crown on Netflix with a special guest Surer Qaly and share some good things from the internet. 

Please make sure you comment, rate, and subscribe! Send us your feedback at contact@youngeastafricangirl.com

The Blackity Black Show Dec 13, 2020


Do They Deserve Love? Podcast


Africa Takes on COVID-19 | The Daily Social Distancing Show


'Blacks, Blues, Black! Episode 1: Positive Africanisms | KQED Arts




This week we are joined by Shad, artist and host of Hip-Hop Evolution on Netflix. 

We discuss the Somali-Rwanda connection, his family's migration story, creative routines during the pandemic, growing up Black in Canada with African Parents, the art of interviewing, and Verzuz Battles. 

In this week's episode of Young East African Girl, we talk about the power of saying no, Muslim dating apps, welcome a special guest, and share some good news from the internet. 

Prana Wellness Works 


Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace by Prince Daniels 


5 Reasons Why No One is Here for Aunt Viv 2.0 From Fresh Prince


The Amber Ruffin Show 




In this week's episode, we talk about our love for Wendy Williams, Zoom, jury duty, the hot mess that is the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Dave Chappelle, and the many connections in the Black diaspora. We have an email address, say hello! 


Links from the episode:

Jury Nullification 


Distant Relatives Series 


In today's episode, we discuss Halloween, the Christmas Industrial complex, the braveness of Black women, and self-care during uncertain times. 

Link to Naaya Wellness https://instagram.com/naaya.wellness?igshid=1e9f9cc72v6o3

Two Toronto-based friends with African roots share their perspectives on culture, the arts, and the current state of the world. Muna is a writer, filmmaker, and comedian. Kaha is a social worker, professional student/aspiring academic, and connoisseur of all things pop culture. 

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